Big hits midi shits do em on the decks
Producer's puttin hexes droppin some xes
Big hits midi shits suckin on tits
Aleister X is droppin some xes

New York City is a real tuff titty
Rents are high so am I till I die
Full of fakers rakers idea takers
Lift my riffs rip my spliffs rook my hooks
40 days and 40 nights
Cookin Pro Tools sessions
Mixed blessings from the dark side
Dicky Pete stole my beat
Put it in a remix that he done for them dicks
BEP's sniffing fake Jay-Zs
Too many jam bands perpetrate space jams
A thousand shows witch house and pose
Blogs drop big logs
Real doody shit clogs
Aint nothin goin on here but the rent
Show's gettin well boring well spent
Snoring on the stage bitches get paid
Off my shit from 20 oh 8


When I go to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some dead flowers in me hair
London calling Upper Haight don't be late
East Bay Ray meets Kanye and Sade
Bruce Losse nodded off with a ciggie lit
On a couch at the house what a real bad trip
Caught the couch on fire like a funeral pyre
Tina Age 13 put it out
In The Mission we get pissed in at the flat
With Johanson Bakersfield dancin
Geeked out, danked out, blanked out, ganked out
Cholos and lolos rockin out to Yoyo
Hyphy nicked me drum machine
Programmed on Ketamine
DJs gettin paid off the beats I made
Producer's done a midi shit
Coulda been a big hit


(last verse same as the first)


from Black Skull Music Mixtape Vol. I, track released November 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Aleister X New York, New York

Aleister X self-released his first EP in 2000, The rare "Wicked Wicks" EP CDR as simply, Aleister. In 2005 Aleister X began performing live as Aleister. In 2007 Aleister X signed to Andrew W.K.'s label, Sky Scraper Music Maker. In 2009 SSMM released the "Bangers And Beans" EP. (cont.) ... more

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