Uncle Dro used to grow hydroponic d*pe
Big fairy never married taught me how to smoke
Uncle Dro used to grow hydroponic w86d
Wicked buds big nugs taught me how to smoke the trees

7:14 in the morning on Tollinger Lane
Uncle Dro indo deisel ain't a damn thing changed
Show room grow room zoomin in the morning light
Uncle Dro sm*ked-up Mummy's all c*ked-up
From the f86kin nightclub
Too much sugar for a dime gonna try another time
So-called big ballers shot callers lickin on lime
Uncle Dro sniffin c*ke gonna take the limousine
Four dark fruits takin rides in the back
Long black f86kin limo


Uncle Dro's limo took the turns as we got h*gher
Driver lost his head at a Dead show "Scarlet Fire"
16 times we got h*gh in a car park lot
Qps of trainwreck Tollinger Lane cheques
Hydr* f86kin ind*
3:15 in the morning when we got back
Uncle Dro's *xys got some hippy cr*ck
Doin d*pe deals all day prepaid iPhones
Upgrade Gatorade code word dr*g raid
On my f86kin cell phone


(Last verse same as the first)



from Black Skull Music Mixtape Vol. I, track released November 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Aleister X New York, New York

Aleister X self-released his first EP in 2000, The rare "Wicked Wicks" EP CDR as simply, Aleister. In 2005 Aleister X began performing live as Aleister. In 2007 Aleister X signed to Andrew W.K.'s label, Sky Scraper Music Maker. In 2009 SSMM released the "Bangers And Beans" EP. (cont.) ... more

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