Sheeeeeee-it (2x)
If you thonk I care get the f86k outta here
Say sheeeeeee-it
Sheeeeeee-it (2x)
You're a big disgrace get the f86k out my face
Say sheeeeeee-it (2x)

Caught up in the game claim to fame is a gay mustache
Waitin for the bus but the bus don't come outta cash
Standin in the rain for the train insane watchin ass
Ace of spades get paid get laid up in a flash


Flash dance underpants Adam Ant's chewin on a bone
Beethoven liederhosen Grey Gardens 6 G phone
Rubbin n tuggin Nite Clubbin chubbin up Grace Jones
Hot DJs talk sh*t in a pit all alone


Talkin that sh*t n you just don't quit never
If it smells like sh*t then it must be shit uh-huh
They be smellin that sh*t from 25 miles away
The bus don't come and you gotta get away


(Verse 1)


from Black Skull Music Mixtape Vol. I, track released November 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Aleister X New York, New York

Aleister X self-released his first EP in 2000, The rare "Wicked Wicks" EP CDR as simply, Aleister. In 2005 Aleister X began performing live as Aleister. In 2007 Aleister X signed to Andrew W.K.'s label, Sky Scraper Music Maker. In 2009 SSMM released the "Bangers And Beans" EP. (cont.) ... more

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